Paulo Mendes' site

Born in Lisbon, Portugal, 1966. He works in Lisbon and Oporto.
Graduated in Arts, Paulo Mendes is a visual artist, curator of exhibitions and producer of cultural projects.
Founder and board member of the cultural association PLANO GEOMÉTRICO.

He has been exhibiting his artwork, both individually and collectively, since the early nineties, having curated several independent and institutional exhibitions in the last twenty years that promote the development of a new generation of Portuguese creators.
His work is characterised by the contamination between several fields – cinema, design, architecture, music, theatre, dance –, and by the diversity of media which each project determines – painting, drawing, photography, video, installation and performance. He also engages in work in the editorial and graphic design areas.

The contents of the site are mostly in their original language, portuguese, but our goal is to invert the situation. If you rollover the menu buttons you'll get the english translation of the button.

You can already find some of the works and texts in english:

text by Paulo Mendes

The Desexualization of Pleasure

text on Paulo Mendes work by Óscar Faria

Anthology of Good Behaviour

text on Paulo Mendes work by Sandra Vieira

thank you,
Paulo Mendes